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A Brief History of Villains Defeats Videos[edit | edit source]

People who Enjoy Villains and Watching Them Get Defeated Make Videos of Them Showing Exactly That. They are Called Defeatubers

On April 25, 2011, an user named "Firefreezen (Now known as Martin)" was the first person to make a Villains' Defeats video called, Defeats of Disney Villains.

Then on March 2013, a user named "DeadSkullable" made a his first random Villains Defeats video which would eventually become a series, simply called "Villains' Defeat".

Since then, There was been many Villain Defeats videos stuff.

Villains Defeats Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]


How to Make a Defeat Video

This is how SonicPhantom47 makes his video.

Step 1: Getting the Clips[edit | edit source]

You have to have a video editing making software to make these videos. (IMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas Pro, etc.)

Use Youtube or Dailymotion to MP3 Converter to download any song you want to your video.

If you have trouble downloading the video, You can use a screen recording device, to record the villain defeat scene. (QuickTime, Bandicam, OBS Studio)

Then that, You arrange the clips.

Making "Defeats of my Favorite (Media) Villains" Videos Tips[edit | edit source]

For the opening, you put either a black background or a fire GIF background and then you put the following text:

Defeats of my Favorite (Media) Villains Part (Number (normal or roman))

For the Ending card you can put then Following text here:

Thanks for Watching!
Clips from: 







Or if you want, You can put the name of the song in the credits.

Step 2: Uploading the Video[edit | edit source]

And you render the video, You go to Youtube or Dailymotion, Go to upload video, and then add you video here and you put where the Villains from in the Discription.

(Villain) from (Show/Video Game/Movie) and More

And then there you Uploaded a video.

IMPORTANT: If the video gets block from Copyright, You can Re-upload the video, or you can shorten some Clips.

Rules (For new users. to help the wiki.)[edit | edit source]

  1. Do not vandalize some pages.
    1. Such as making blank pages.
    2. Changing some stuff.
  2. Don't create unneeded pages such as "Defeats of my Favorite Pixar Villains/Gallery", Doing that will get you block and the pages you create will deleted.
  3. Do not unnecessarily mess up this page (List of Villain Images for Thumbnails) by adding random obscure images. It's fine to add images for the page; but not like this: UVXYZW did this. YTP King also did this, then TheFrank666 came and did good, but messed it up by adding Friday Night Funkin characters to the list.
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