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=== Defeats of (franchise) Villains ===

* Villain 1 from Movie Name/Show Name/Episode Name 1
* Villain 2 from Movie Name/Show Name/Episode Name 2
* Villain 3 from Movie Name/Show Name/Episode Name 3

Unnamed Annominus User Edit

Defeats of Regular Show Villains Edit

  • The Destroyer of Worlds from Just Set up the Chairs
  • The Talking Hot Dogs from Meat Your Maker
  • The Unicorns from The Unicorns Have Got to Go
  • Peeps from Peeps
  • The Night Owl from The Night Owl
  • The Hammer from Rage Against the TV
  • Game Store Manager from But I Have a Receipt
  • The Duck Collector from A Bunch of Baby Ducks
  • Ybgir from Jinx
  • Howard Fightington and the Zombies from Grave Sights
  • Doug "The Doppleganger" Shlibowski from Temp Check
  • The Warden of the Internet from Go Viral
  • Susan from Benson Be Gone
  • Summertime Song from This is my Jam
  • The Blond Men from Bet to be Blonde
  • Death Bear from Death Bear
  • No Rules Man from House Rules
  • Jeremy and Chad from Replaced
  • The Urge from Trash Boat
  • Gene from Prankless or Thomas Fights Back
  • Klorgbane the Destroyer from Fists of Justice
  • Garret Bobby Ferguson Sr. and Garret Bobby Ferguson Jr. from Exit 9B
  • Quillgin from The Christmas Special
  • Hector from Firework Run
  • Geese from A Bunch of Full Grown Geese
  • Wall Buddy from Wall Buddy
  • Richard Buckner from The Thanksgiving Special
  • Ziggy/The Garbage King from California King
  • Mr. Rich Steve from Benson's Suit
  • The Cassowary Fusion from Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special
  • Mr. Randall Ross from Regular Show: The Movie
  • Anti-Pops from A Regular Epic Final Battle

Defeats of Adventure Time Villains (unfinished!)Edit

  • The Ice King from Nickelodeon's Random Cartoons!: Adventure Time
  • The Lich from Mortal Folly
  • The Earl of Lemongrab from Lemonhope: Part 2
  • Uncle Gumbald from Come Along WIth Me
  • GOLB from Come Along With Me

Defeats of Rooster Teeth VillainsEdit

  • The Meta from Red vs. Blue
  • Felix from Red vs. Blue
  • Roman Torchwick from RWBY
  • Cinder Fall from RWBY
  • The Nickeleave Grimm from RWBY
  • Adam Taranus from RWBY
  • Daniel from Camp Camp
  • Cameron Campbell from Camp Camp
  • Mad King from X-Ray and Vav
  • Nemisis from gen:Lock
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