Defeats of my Favorite Youtube Villains Part 19

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Dec 10, 2017

Type: Youtube

No. of Villains: 12

Song Used: the End (Nightcore) by Black Veil Brides


Villain Video Quote Defeat
Chief Anime Crime Division “Because I have a headcanon, Joe. An AU for this entire wretched city where I don’t have to rely on the whims of creators to bring me the anime I desire.” His robot get shot and gets arrested.
The Monster Claire Obscur "ROAAAAR!" Stabbed.
Freddiew Keep off the Grass “Ha ha ha ha!” Burned by the sun.
Wrathnar Super Mario Legacy “I cannot believe that my father lost to you.” Loses to Mario, Mario spares him and disappears.
Duke The Night “She calls me, she calls me!” Turns to dust when the sun rises.
Tord Eddsworld: The End "Hah, no! What would I need friends for when I've got this? I'm unstoppable!" His Giant Robot is  Destroyed and gets benished to another city.
Aang Dragon Ball Z vs. Avatar Last Airbender “Black Goku! Fuck!” Destroyed by Goku
Mechakara. To Boldly Flee My soul is blue, my heart is steel, and behind these false orbs lies a red light that sees all." Explodeds
Taskmaster Deadpool & Black Panther: The Gauntlet "Now my students... TEST YOUR MIGHT!"
The Cat Plush Assassin "MEOW" Gets it's claws cut off.
The Drone Sword West "SCREECH" Destroyed by the cowgirl
Sklux Flakes Cereal Killer "RAAAHHH!" Burns to death.
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