Defeats of my Favorite Youtube Villains Part 1

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Jul 26, 2016

Type: Youtube

No. of Villains: 8

Song Used: Born Again (Nightcore) by Newboys


Villains Clips from Quotes Defeat
The Darkness The Plumber Knight Returns “I’m back!”
Roy Gribbleston

Don't Hug me I'm Scared 6

“My silly boy has allowed his eyes to grow arrogant and rude, for this I will take him on a trip to punish land.”
Cinder Fall RWBY “I want to be strong. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful.” Wiped out by Ruby Rose's silver eyes.
Adolf Hitler Kung Fury "Fuck you, Kung Fury. Nothing can stop me and my army of death."
Ashley Barnstormer Video Game High School "You'll rue the day you ever said 'no' to Ashely" Loses
Shane Barnstormer ”Barnstormer!"
Burger King Meet the McDonalds "Go on, give it to the king! HAHAHAHA!"
Evil Orange Annoying Orange: Back to the Fruiture “No, he’s got the pinwheel!”
Pinkie Pie Smile! “Cause I love to see you Beam, Beam, Beam!”


  • A few MLP fans disliked the video due to Pinkie Pie's behavior in Smile!.
  • Error: The title in the video says "Defeats of my Favorite Movie Villains Part XXXVII" instead of the actual title.
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