Defeats of my Favorite Video Game Villains Part 2

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Feb 27, 2015

Type: Video Game

No. of Villains: 8

Song Used: New Divide (nightcore) by Skillet


Villain Game Quote Defeat
Vergil Devil May Cry 3 "Might controls everything, and without strength you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself.”
Zeus God od War 3 "We will unite. We will stand together. And I will wipe this plague! Olympus will prevail!”
Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat 9 "I am Shao Kahn, Conqueror of Worlds! You will taste no victory!"
Tabuu Super Smash Bros Brawl “SCREECH!!!”
Dr. Eggman Sonic Generations "My name is Dr. Eggman- the world's greatest scientist, and soon to be the world's greatest ruler. Now witness the beginning of the greatest empire of all time!”
Diablo Diablo 3 "Not even death can save you from me!”
Rodrigo Borgia Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood “I became Pope because it gave me access! It gave me power!”
Sephiroth Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII "What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet.”
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