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Defeats of my Favorite Movie Villains Part 37

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on July 17, 2016 (original), October 4, 2019 (Updated), Jun 15, 2020 (2nd re-upload)

Type: Movie

No. of Villains: 10

Song Used: Born Again by Newsboys


Villain Movie Image Quote Defeat
Doomsday Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice
“ROAR!!!” Stabbed and Destroyed by Superman
Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse
“Everything they've built will fall! And from the ashes of their world, we'll build a better one!” Incinerated by the X-Men
Helmut Zemo Captain America: Civil War
“I admit it: this war is my doing. The Avengers destroyed my home, they stole my family from me. So what better revenge than to have them fight each other and tear themselves apart?” Arrested.
Don Jose Reyes El Infierno “One thing I want you to know. Those who work with me are like part of my family. But in this business, there are rules and principles... that must be followed... if you don't want to end up shot in the head.” Shot dead.
Count Javert Les Miserables “And I'm Javert! Do not forget my name. Do not forget me, 24601.” Commits suicide.
Akan Hardcore Henry
“Each year, 100,000 baseball bats are sold in Russia and, at most, 50 baseballs. It gives you an idea of a great Russian past time.” Gets his head split in half.
Howard Stambler 10 Cloverfield Lane “I'm always watching. I know what you're doing; I see everything. I see when you're sleeping. I know what you're doing! I know what you're up to! I see everything you do! I'm always watching!” Blown up.
Dr. Bolivar Trask X-Men: Days of Future Past “The mutant threat is the defining issue of our time. We can choose to stem the impending tide of extinction or we can stand by passively and allow it to wash away any remnants of our species.” Arrested
Lamia Stardust “In my absence, I expect you to make it fit for the Queens we are. When I return with our prize, all of us shall be young again. Never fear, my sisters, I will not fail.” Incinerated.
High-T Men in Black: International
“I wanted this. You were there. You were always like a son to me.” Blown up.


  • This is the First Defeats of my favorite Villains video to use the fire GIF texture with a white text for the intro.
  • As of October 4, 2019, The video had been updated since SonicPhantom47 likes 2019 King Ghidorah more.