Defeats of my Favorite Movie Villains Part 31

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on December 5, 2015

Type: Movie

No. of Villains: 10

Song Used: In The End by Linkin Park


Villain Movie Quote Defeat
Mr. Dark Something Wicked This Way Comes "And have had for many years, I do believe. All that time spent living only through other men's lives. Dreaming only other men's dreams. What a waste.” Struck by lightning and turned to bones.
Kalabar Halloweentown "My fellow creatures, your moment of destiny has arrived! I offer you the chance to return to our days of glory, to end this exile from the Mortal World, which the humans have stolen from us!”
Yellowjacket Antman "You tried to hide your suit from me? Now, it's gonna blow up in your face and destroy everyone you care about.”
Lady Van Tassel Sleepy Hallow "Dear look as if you'd seen a ghost.”
Dylan Gould Transformers: Dark of the Moon “I want to survive! You think I wanted this? I inherited a client, either I deliver good or I end up iced!”
Blue Jones Sucker Punch "Don't worry, she won't even remember her name when I'm done with her.”
The Flea Antboy "I see you for what you really are, Pelle. A little piss ant to be crushed under my foot.”
Donny Ted 2 "You're mine, Ted!”
Valentine Morgenstern Mortal Instruments: City of Bones "The world is ours to take!”
Bathsheba Sherman The Conjuring "I was mistress here before you came, and mistress here I'll be anew. I'll drive you out with fiery brooms. I'll drive you mad with death and gloom.”
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