Defeats of my Favorite Movie Villains Part 30

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2015

Type: Movie

No. of Villains: 10

Song Used: Centuries (Antinightcire) by Fall out Boy


Villain Movie Quote Defeat
Dawg Brown Cutthroat Island "Love. Who can explain it?” Fallen in the water
Viggo Tarasov John Wick "That "fuckin' nobody"... is John Wick.” Stabbed
Gabriel Legion "Unlike you...The rebellious son." Stabbed(?) and stranded
Winnie Sanderson Hocus Pocus "Well, younger ... But it's a start!” Turned into stone and exploded
John Herod The Quick and the Dead "This is my town! If you live to see the dawn, its because I allow it. I’m in charge of everything! I decide who lives or who dies!” Shot
Lex Luthor Superman Returns "Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind.” Stranded
Mr. Swackhammer Space Jam "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't know Dan Aykroyd was in this picture!” The Monstars turned on him so he formed into a rocket and got stranded on The Moon
Artemisia 300: Rise of an Empire "I will attack the Greeks with my ENTIRE Navy!” Stabbed
Luc Crash The Crow: the Wicked Prayer "Nobody keeps the Grim Reaper waiting’.” Impaled then got kissed
Donkey Kong Pixels “ROARRR!” Got hit by a hammer then disintegrated
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