Defeats of my Favorite Anime Villains Part 16

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Sep 29, 2019

Type: Anime

No. of Villains: 10

Song Used: Farewell by Manic Bloom

At long last Fairy Tail has ended! Zeref and Acnologia have finally been defeated!!!!!

Villain Anime Quote Defeat
Zeref Fairy Tail “It's my solemn vow... the suffering I've caused will not repeat in the current era. I will be neutral and isolated, a friend or foe to no one. That said... if the current era should give way to a new one... there's a chance I will take on a far more active role. I had hoped you would destroy me before then...Natsu.” Strongly destroyed by Natsu.
General Jiin Zoids: Genesis “Do you think a Zoid whose only strength is its speed can do a thing against God’s Lightning?” Fool! Let me show you what God’s Lightning is!” Vaporized
Professor Wattsman Dirty Pair: Project Eden “102,111 hours and 29 minutes! Perfect! A work of art! This is a historic moment! A perfect inorganic transcription of RNA polymerase.” Gets tied  and end up destroying his lair.
Kagato Jurai Tenchi Myyo! Ryo-Ohki “I have journeyed through sea after sea of the stars in order to find the secret. What will it take to get that power? Your blood? Jurai Royal Family’s Blood?” Sliced in hair and dustifates,
Enigma Myriad Colors Phantom World “Haruhiko, your abilities are certainly interesting. You can summon Phantoms on command. You can get into people's minds and memories. But you suck at using them. They could be the ultimate abilities, if you'd only use them effectively. I'll take those abilities!” Freezes to death.
The Master of Synapse Heaven's Lost Property "I am Synapse the great teacher of heaven." Blasted into oblivion
King Koopa Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! "That sort of trickery won't work on me, Peach Sweetie." Defeated by Mario and punched to orbit.
Joa Toriko “That isn't all I want. It takes incomparable Gourmet Luck to find that. No one could have arrived at that recipe, but you did. I need your Gourmet Luck. To acquire GOD, you see…” Bashed by Toriko and flies away.
Hikomaro Sakurafubuki The Prince of Tennis- The Two Samurai: The First Game “The practice match this afternoon was to have the people pick who they want to bet on. After that people put a lot of money on who they thought was good.” Hit by a tennis ball and arrested.
Acnologia Fairy Tail “It doesn't matter where you stand, I'll still destroy you, just like I'll destroy them and the ENTIRE WORLD!”
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