Defeats of my Favorite Anime Villains Part 8

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Jul 14, 2019 (Re-Upload)

Type: Anime

No. of Villains: 10

Song Used: Caught in the Fall by Fight Like Sin

Song was copyrighted

Villain Anime Quote Defeat
Dio Brando Jojo's Bizarre Adevnture “The World!” Punched by Jotaro, and destroyed.
Shiro Assassination Classroom “Permit me to give you the worlds cruelest death.”
Mystletainn Dream Eater Merry “Aren’t you mean? Too bad you’re so weak.” Punched in the face and turns to rose pedals.
Albert Maverick Tiger and Bunny “Heroes are meant to save people from despair. For justice to shine, you need despair. I only gave them what they needed!”
Lady Eboshi Princess Mononoke “Watch closely, everyone. I'm going to show you how to kill a god. A god of life and death. The trick is not to fear him.”
Beerus Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods "Before any creation must come destruction!” Reform and retreats, Later, in the film, he decides to sleep for 1,000 years.
Pain Naruto “We are Pain, we are God.” Punched by Naruto and thrown agaist the boulders
Kuyou Rosario+Vampire “Give me a break with all this 'friends sticking together' bullshit. Humans and monsters are enemies and always will be!” Moka K.Os him with a powerful kick.
Dyst Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess “But I will live for all eternity!” Vaporized by Natsu
Ryoko Asakura Haruhi Suzumiya "Because whether you care about it or not, I really want you to die.” Disappears.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the video was copyrighted, The song was originally Within Temptation - The Last Time (Nightcore).
  • In the credits, Dream Eater Merry and Tiger and Bunny were swapped.
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