Defeats of my Favorite Anime Villains Part 7

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Jul 9, 2017 (Re-upload)

Type: Anime

No. of Villains: 12

Song Used: Awake and Alive (Anti-nightcore) by Skillet

Ok here’s why I had to re-upload. Copyright did not block this video. It fucking removed it. The reason you ask? Zamasu! His company that owns apparently Dragonball Super reported him in this video and had it removed. And that’s not all! Youtube has given me one copyright strike that will expire October 5! Am I angry? Yes! But in a way I always saw this coming somehow, which is why I spent that past few days download every one of my playlist just in case my account ever got deleted. I’m prepared, yet I’m unhappy and wish I didn’t have to be prepared. I am sick of it, and if you ever see the news that there is a riot breaking out at Youtube Headquarters one day, that will be me. From now on I must be careful, and you might not see many anime favorite villain defeats until the strike is gone. Once again, FUCK YOU COPYRIGHT!!!!! -SonicPhantom47

Villain Anime Defeat Quote
Emperor Nogo Glitter Force "The dark is close to his light of friendship, which does not lie in this only my empire will be the most powerful of all”
Kagetane Hiruko Black Bullet "I am the destroyer of the world. No one can stop me." Gets exploded, falls into the ocean, and drowns.
Seth Dinosaur King "I forced Saurophaganax into premature evolution so that he could master this Move. Behold, Fire Scorcher!” Escape through another dimesnion, after The Black T-Rex got obiberated.
Alois Trancy Black Butler "Darkness. Darkness. Darkness envelopes me. But it's only you... I desire... I desire you!” Her head got blown off.
Sabrac Shakugan no Shana "Having great power doesn't change anything. I simply go through life, accept missions, and kill targets. I am capable of defeating everything. I never worked for this. This simply is the power I possess.” Destroyed by Shana.
Gauron Full Metal Panic! “I love you, Kasheem.” Shot
Kousuke Kira Btooom! “Look, Natsume-san! I did it! I showed him how I felt! That’s the first time I ever fought back! Natsume-san, you’ll protect me again, right? I mean, I’m insane, right? Because I was abused, right? Because… I just killed him, and I… I feel wonderful!” Gets tied to a tree.
Creed Diskenth Black Cat “What I hate most are useless individuals. However... there is too many such people on this planet, including those elders of Chronos. I cannot bear to think that we share the same air! That's why some house-cleaning is in order. To get rid of the worthless. I will only allow those superior individuals who serve me to remain...! That is my ideal world, "Eden!" As a god I will forever dominate it from above…!”
Kazundo Gouda Ghost in the Shell “The real question you should ask is, who do you think you are? An elite special unit of the handpicked chosen few? If your little group had been confronted by an angry mob of refugees and they had come at you with those smuggled weapons, you know you couldn't have stopped them! Try to rein in your ego and be thankful you got to play the role of decoy under my direction.” Shot by a ghost
Daiju Mononobe Eden of the East: Paradise Lost “Sorry, but from here on out, it's every man for himself” Stuck by a car.
Commander Maoyu “Kill him! Use the whole army if necessary!” Falls 20 feet.
Ophelia Romeo x Juliet “It is only with the great power of Escalus that the world can live on. Escalus’s existence is truly unique and precious. It must not be permitted to die.” Stabbed by Romeo, turns to stone, and explodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Zamazu was originally in the video, but Toei Animation removed him.
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