Defeats of my Favorite Anime Villains Part 4

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Feb 11, 2016

Type: Anime

No. of Villains: 10

Song Used: Leave It All Behind by Cult to Follow


Villain Anime Quote Defeat
Hendrickson The Seven Deadly Sins "Be more joyful, Fairy King. I gave you a great and rare opportunity! You can now meet your friend three times and kill him three times!! This isn't something that everyone can experience, you know?”
Buppa Tokyo Tribe 2 “Goosh Goosh!”
Love Machine Summer Wars “…..” Punched into pixel dusts
Tomio Ookawa Shiki "If my son committed a sin, it's my responsibility as a parent to see that he is punished according to his crime!”
Cyrus Pokemon: Galatic Battles “It is with these original powers that I will create a new world order!” Banished into the diemonsions
Rido Kuran Vampire Knight "Why won't you love me, Juri? Why? What do I lack? How can I make you love me...? I... love you... so much that I want to devour you, Juri…”
Colorless King K "I am the seventh king, the Colorless King! I'm waiting for someone here. A nice night, you say? Indeed it is.”
Honest Akame ga Kill "Time like these, when the nation is in chaos, are the best opportunity to determine who is loyal or who is not. Any fools who oppose me will be driven out and executed.” Killed by Leone
Yami Marik Yu-Gi-Oh "I'm the true Marik, and I'm not as kind as the one you've come to know.”
Annie Leonhardt Attack on Titan "I just want the weak who get swept along with the flow to be considered human, too.”
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