Defeats of my Favorite Anime Villains Part 3

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2015

Type: Anime

No. of Villains: 8

Song Used: Faceless by Red


Villains Anime Quote Defeat
Shaula Gorgon Soul Eater Not! "Let me prove it to you that I am the most superior out of the Gorgons.”
Colonel Muska Castle in the Sky "Laputa will live! I will return it to life! Laputa's power is the dream of all mankind!”
Shishio Rurouni Kenshin "In this world, the weak are the sustenance of the strong. The strong live, the weak die.”
Mr. Shido High School of the Dead "This tainted world is about to perish because of its sin. However, that's not the case with you guys! You, who are still young, have nothing to do with taint. But you are the angels that will bear the new world! And of course I'm just a tainted adult, who's nothing like you guys. I'm hoping to cleanse all the sins that I've committed by being with you guys! Everyone, please show me the way! And let me see the new world that lies behind this chaos!" Got forced to leave the provice.
Boichiro Yamato Demon King Daimao “Isn’t that obvious? I want to possess the power to control God.”
Million Knives Trigun "I'll never understand humans, they're a total waste of life” Shot multiple times.
Rob Lucci One Piece "A master of the Six Powers is strong as a hundred men.” Brutally beaten up by Luffy
Mana Ouma Guilty Crown "When you hurt somebody's feelings, Shu, be ready to receive the same amount in return. I loved you even when I was torn to shreds. Now, I am going to tear you to shreds.”
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