Villain Movie Quote Defeat
The Mouse King The Nutcracker Prince “I'm king! I am the Mouse King! Haha, I AM THE MOUSE KING! HAHAHAHAHA! You and your stupid spells! That'll teach you.” Falls of the balcony and into the ocean.
Lord Piggot-Dunceby The Missing Link “I'm sorry, but I can't let you ridicule my society. Nobody will find out that this Sasquatch every existed, and nobody will say your name ever again!” Gets sent of the demonished ice bridge
Lou UglyDolls “Do you really think that you and your little band of sock puppets stand a chance here?” Gets put in the washing machine
Bora Ra BoBoiBoy: The Movie “You think... A BOY LIKE YOU COULD EVER DEFEAT ME?!” Gets blasted by BoBoiBoy and sent back to the dimension.
El Supremo Freddie as F.R.O.7 “Invasion! Defeat! And Slavery will follow. Now you see F.R.O.7, now you see the power of the snake!” Gets shrunk and put in a box
Bryagh Flight of the Dragons “Puny scum of Carolinus! Prepare to die!” Gets stabbed by a knight and bursts into flames.
Sergei The Secret Life of Pets 2 “Sergei have new toy! Training is going to be a lot more fun.” Gets attacked by the pets and is later run over.
The Fossas Madagascar “Fossa hungry, fossa eat.” Gets scared by Alex and retreats
Prince Charming Shrek the Third “Our happily ever after is nearly complete, Mummy. And I assure you... the people of this kingdom will pay dearly for every second we've had to wait.” Crushed by Rupenzels tower.
Zeta The Angry Birds Movie 2 “I’m done living on this frozen seal-infested island!” Reforms after her colony was destroyed

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