Defeats of my Favorite Animated Non-Disney Movie Villains Part 11

Video Made by SonicPhantom47

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2015

Type: Animated Non-Disney Movie

No. of Villains: 10 (or "12" if you counted Astaroth and Surly)

Song Used: Breathe Into Me by Red


Villains Movie Quotes Defeat
Makuta Teridax Bionicle: The Mask of Light "An audience gathers for your final failure, Toa of Light.”
Scarlet Overkill Minions "Have any of you ever dreamed of working for the greatest super villain of all time?!”
Abbadon  Firebreather "You desecrate our race! You shame our ceremony!”
Astaroth "Bad enough you keep us from exterminating the human vermin. Now you mate with them!”
Laverna Barbie: Fairytopia "At this very moment my minions are in all seven regions of Fairytopia. Little by little the weakness will set in everywhere. Imagine, a whole land of fairies weak, flightless and frightened. And who will be the only one who can help them? Not their beloved Enchantress and fairy Guardians. Oh, no... The only one to answer their desperate cries for help, the only one with an antidote to their sickness will be me.”
President Stone Astro Boy “My army could use a robot like that.”
Lord Volcazar Ronal the Barbarian “Everyone bows to Lord Volcazar, or die!”
Chichak Turok: Son on Stone "I swore when I was a boy that one day, I would slaughter every one of your people. I thought my work was done. What a surprise to find more of dogs hiding in this cursed place."
Sarco Dino Time “If we don’t relocate soon, we won’t have a choice. With all the earthquakes and rising tar the pickings are getting slim down here. Soon nothing in the lower valley will left.”
Surly “When we get rid of Tyra, the upper valley is ours for the taking."
Drej Queen Titan A.E. "Destroy the humans. Destroy them ALL!"
Saddam Hussein South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut "Yeah Yeah, men, this is getting me so hot. Rub my nipples while I torture this little piggy.”
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