Rooster TeethEdit

  • Red vs. Blue
    • Felix from Red vs. Blue: Season 13: Exploded off the flying ship.
  • RWBY
    • Roman Torchwick from RWBY: Volume 3: Gets eaten by a giant Griffon.
    • The Nuckleleave Grimm from RWBY: Volume 4: Killed by Lie Ren and disinergrates.
    • Vernal from RWBY: Volume 5: Killed by Cinder Fall
    • Adam Tarnus from RWBY: Volume 6: Stabbed by Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna, then falls into the ocean.
    • Jacques Schnee from RWBY: Volume 7: Arrested and fired from the Schnee Dust Company.
  • Cameron Campbell from Camp Camp: Gets arrested.
  • Daniel from Camp Camp: Drinks some bad punch and gets sent to the hospital.
  • Mario from Sonic for Hire: Mario presumably gets killed when Sonic controls a statue and shoves it right up in Mario butt.
  • Eggette from Hedgehog for Hire: Burned by the Baby Alien.

Mondo MediaEdit

  • Happy Tree Friends: 
    • Fliqpy from By the Seat of your Pants: Stabbed by a flagpole and Lumpy pulls him down.
    • The Rat from Happy Tree Friends KAPOW!: A Mole in the City: Killed in a explosion.
    • Tiger General from Happy Tree Friends KAPOW!: Operation Tiger BombKilled by Flippy and made into pizza.
  • Lord Takashi from Dick Figures: The Movie: Decapitated by Raccoon.

SHUT UP! CartoonsEdit

  • Bahn Mi from Oishi's High School Battle: Zapped by a lazer and dies.
  • Shane from Shosh Babies: Chased by the teacher's dog.
  • Earth 2.0 from Planets: Presumably killed from blasting into Sun.
  • Blinky from Politicats: Killed by the President.

Youtube PoopEdit

  • Mr. Krabs from Mr. Krabs' Unquenchable Blood Lust: Attempts to kill Spongebob but he broke off SpongeBob's pants with his knife, revealing a bomb strapped to him. Then, the bomb detonates and exploded, killing both Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob, who sacrificed to end Krabs' rampage.
  • Black Hiver from Skellington's Revenge: Jack completes the incantation, and this promptly destroys the Hiver.
  • Evil Lemon from Squidward Gets Possessed by a Bad Lemon: Spongebob uses the holy bible on causing him to gets sucked out of Squidward's body and disappears.
  • Ciardha Type 8999 from Candace Opens an Interdimensional Portal: Dicky Momo (with Scout inside it)) sacrificed himself, which caused her to get unpossessed.
  • Rick-Pat from Spingebill Goes into a Horrifying Dimension: Hangs himself.
  • Maui/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from Moananana: Gets beaten by John Cena.

Other Web MoviesEdit

  • Adolf Hitler from Kung Fury: Punched in the testicles by Fury and gets crushed by a hammer along with his Golden Bird.
  • Lucifer Killingsworth from CartoonMania: The Movie: Destroyed from Matthew Littlemore's yelling.

Other Web ShowsEdit

  • Lawrence "The Law" Peberton from Video Game High School: Loses the competition to Brian D.
  • Ashley Barnstormer and Shane Pizza from Video Game High School: Loses the competition to the other VGHS students and gets taken away by their mother.
  • Roy Gribbleston from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Red Guy unplugs the show causing to revert to a alternative version of the series.
  • The Purple Shirted Eye Stabber from Cyanide and Happiness Shorts: Kills himself in "The Return of the Purple Shirted Eye Stabber".
  • Tram Sam from Trolley Tom: Gets killed along with Adolf Hitler by Tom's trolley.

Other VideosEdit


  • Principal Steinbeck from Bowser Junior Summer School Part 7: Gets punched by Bowser Junior along with the Fly. Steinbeck tries to expel him but fails.
  • Nancy from Jeffy's Parents: Gets arrested for abusing Jeffy.
  • Does Bad Things Guy from The Secret Door: Shot by Brooklyn T. Guy.
  • Drawing Jeffy from Jeffy Sneaks Out: Shot by Mario.
  • Ken (Puppet) from Spoken: Burned by Cody.


  • SuperMarioGlitchy3: Gets Punched by Mario in 99% Idiot.
  • Waluigi from The Waluigi Arc: Reforms after Wario accepts him.
  • Bob from The Rapper Bob Arc: Reforms after his friends forgave.
  • Francis from The Anime Arc: Saiko Bichtaru puts him in a Maximum Succ machine and disinergrates, and he's later killed in a explosion.


  • Molester Moon from MOLESTER MOON: Fails to get Ian and Anthony and leaves.
  • Sexual Sun from SEXUAL SUN (or "Stay Away from the Sun!"): Shot into a pool.

The Racka RackaEdit

  • Burger King from Meet the McDonalds: Stabbed by Wendy and then Ronald smashes him with a rock.
  • Cookie Monster from Ronald McDonald vs Cookie MonsterGets tricked into eating a cookie made by Subway and explodes.
  • Wendy from Ronald McDonald vs Wendy's: Gets shot multiple times by Ronald.


  • The Alien Emperor from Ariana Grande's Break Free: Falls into a tube.
  • The Boss from Imagine Dragons' Radioactive: Falls into a trapdoor then gets attacked by puppets.
  • The Negativity from KAMELOT's My Confession (Ft. Eklipse): Gets stabbed and turns into smoke.


  • Ganondorf Dragmire from Stupid Mario Brothers: Stabbed by Mario.
  • The Darkness from The Plumber Knight Returns: Gets sucked in the stone.
  • Warthnar from Stupid Mario Brothers: Legacy: Fades from existence after Mario spares him.


  • Pinkie Pie from Smile HD: Pinkie destroys Fluttershy with a strong ball of energy which caused to destroy the earth (presumably killing Pinkie as well).
  • Boris from Good Parenting: Gets arrested for attacking his son, Caillou.
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