Disney Channel/Disney XD Edit

  • Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls: Punched into nothingness by Grunkle Stan.
  • Toffee from Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Vaporized by Star Butterly and later crushed by Ludo.
  • Ludo from Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Banished to another dimension by Star in "Storm the Castle".
  • Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder: Rejected Wander's friendship and leaves.

NIckelodeon Edit

  • Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants: Accidentally jumps into the scanner when attempting to get the Krabby Patty. (Plankton!)

Cartoon Network Edit

  • Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog: Hit in the face by a tennis racket by Maruel.
  • Aku from Samurai Jack: Jack kills him with his sword and his lair explodes.
  • The Lich from Adventure Time: Turned into Sweet Pea.
  • Anti-Pops from Regular Show: Pop hugs him and dies in the sun.

Fox Edit

  • Family Guy:
    • Ernie the Giant Chicken: Got burned alive by the rocket's engines.
    • Diane Simmons: Shot by Stewie Griffin
  • The Simpsons:
    • Sideshow Bob: Arrested.

Netflix Edit

  • Bular from Trollhunters: Punched into crumble by AAARRGGGHHH!!!
  • Angor Rot from Trollhunters: Smashed by Toby
  • Gunmar from Trollhunters: Jim decimated him and he falls to his end.
  • Morgana from Trollhunters: Toby destroys portal.

Others Edit

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